Part of the funds raised with the sale of Lucky Draw’s tickets during the Gala Dinner and Concert 2017
will be donated to the “UNESCO Association Scholarship for 3.11 Disaster-Stricken Children and Students” promoted by the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ) to support the academic career of students affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Project’s details:

● Students attending the third year of junior high school, whose family were affected by
tsunami and nuclear disaster (*excluding orphans)
● Interested areas: municipalities (25) heavily damaged by the disaster in three regions: Iwate, Miyagi
and Fukushima.
● Amount and Period: 20,000 yen per month for 3 years (from the third year of junior high until the
second year of high school for a total of 720,000 yen per student)

Results up until now:
● A total of 25 municipalities supported in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima
● A total of 2,800 students who benefitted from the scholarship aid (2011-2016)

Target 2017-2018:
Ishinomaki (40 students), Rikuzentakada (60 students), Kesen-Numa (100 students) for a total of 200
students (number may vary according to the funds available)

Provision method

First year:
October – November: preparation of the advertisement; December: recruitment; January: Deadline,
examination and notice of acceptance; January – February: Assignment of the scholarship for the first

Second and Third year:
April – May: Check on the academic results of each student
May: provision of the scholarship in 2 instalments.

ICCJ 2017 Gala Charity

Images of school location from affected areas